Data Privacy Protection enhances Business Value
How Data Privacy Protection Enhances Business Value
October 30, 2020
Network Ray
Network Ray: Ensuring data protection by eliminating chances of data leakage
January 30, 2021
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Need of the hour: Data Safety solutions to barricade increasing intrusion cases

Data Safety Solutions

In the era of mobility and connectivity, data is the key taking corporates and consumers to the next level for achieving their goals. However, any loophole on any end can disrupt the whole process of data transfer which could lead businesses in great losses.

Recently, big brands were targeted and their database was offered for sale on the dark web. Data of around 20 million users of BigBasket was compromised and sensitive information such as full names, email IDs and password hashes were leaked.

Another incident happened in the recent days when a massive hotel management booking platform became the target of intruders and data including credit card details, for over 10 million travelers and guests were exposed. This adversely affected the reputation of several hotel booking companies like Expedia and who use this platform.

In order to maintain privacy, the trust of users and avoid the scenario of data compromise, data exchange processes and devices must be strong enough to tackle all sort of challenges. To counter such challenges, organizations like Adaptive Security help big firms to safeguard data and communication through their advanced software suites enabling safe data transfer. Such software operate progressively for averting chances of data compromise and make the process of data transfer and communication safe, easy and fast.

Adaptive Security’s products like two-mail, Secure Phone, Network Ray and SecureCom have the potential to strengthen and ensure complete data security. Two Mail is a one-stop email solution which works towards averting the chances of data leakage whereas SecureCom is an easy-to-use messaging software built to help peers share vital information in the most secure manner by offering real-time messaging experience. On the other hand, Secure Phone is a landline-integrated software for voice communication and provides secured channels for the transference of information by ensuring voice security in the form of multi-level encryption for a telephone call. Lastly, Network Ray is an electronic communication software-based device that provides a highly secured one-way flow of information by eliminating the chances of data leakage through its special network architecture.

By adopting such software and strengthening the classification policies, companies can derive multiple benefits and boost the confidence of consumers towards them. It also offers better agility, operational efficiencies, and competitive advantage.

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