Why secure messaging platforms are becoming imperative for all scale organizations
May 27, 2021
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Adaptive Security’s Two-Mail Solution enhancing Email Security for businesses

Adaptive Security solutions enhancing the safety of vital information

In this era of technology, despite the rising cases of intrusion and data breach, a majority of the organizations rely on e-mail as a primary source of communication, even for sharing highly confidential information and data.

According to  several research reports, one in every hundred emails sent globally has some kind of malicious content .  Many businesses use firewalls and secure email gateways to restrict malicious emails, however, with the evolving nature of data compromise, systems cannot be totally relied upon.

With a single breach of security, organizations can lose billions of dollars and trust that they have built over the years. Customer account numbers including confidential negotiations and more are available on the servers.

To prevent any untoward circumstances, it is imperative that companies ensure that their systems are updated and the workforce  vigilant when it comes to email security..

Adaptive Security’s Two-Mail Solution ensures maximum safety for your emails to avert the chances of data breaches. Allowing the option to store and access e-mail messages without actually being connected to the internet, it features a two-level security that  prevents important and confidential  information from being shared..

This solution entails  three types of identification to authenticate its user –

  • PIN, Password and Secret Question
  • Device
  • Biometric, Retina and Fingerprint

Additionally, its two-step authentication feature prevents the  access of confidential and sensitive information, by an unauthorized party. This software also undertakes measures to minimize the chances of user authentication failure and data loss.

By minimizing the exposure of data, it reduces the odds of falling prey to vulnerabilities. At Adaptive Security, we comprehend that all firms have numerous assets containing highly sensitive information and designing strong solutions has always been our priority.

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