Adaptive Security solutions enhancing the safety of vital information
Making a difference: Adaptive Security’s solutions enhancing the safety of vital information
October 15, 2020
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Need of the hour: Data Safety solutions to barricade increasing intrusion cases
November 23, 2020
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How Data Privacy Protection Enhances Business Value

Data Privacy Protection enhances Business Value

No matter what kind of data servers are storing, whether it is about payroll information, confidential data, customers’ personal details or other data, any negligence can affect the organization and people associated with it. Avoiding data compromise should be the highest priority for every organization. Undertaking robust safety measures can add value to your business. A team of experts at Adaptive Security shares a few factors to strengthen the data security of a company.

  • Prevent intrusion that hurts business sentiments

A privacy principle is  common among all the organizations’ principles, implementing strong security that safeguards the personal data. Organizations that implement such controls reduce the number of security incidents that result in privacy breaches. Fewer intrusions portray that the business has not lost the trust and maintains its loyalty.

  • To maintain and improve brand value

As per the Forbes Insights report, 46 per cent of the organizations’ reputation is maligned and brand value is affected due to privacy breach every year.

  • To maintain public, investor and customer trust

According to a study , 65% of individuals whose personal data was compromised lost trust in the organization that experienced a breach. The companies that are not able to strongly implement the privacy policies experience loss of trust that may divert the investors to other firms.

  • To support innovation

When privacy policy is purposefully addressed, it expands and improves the scope of innovations with appropriate safety.

If you’re looking for an organization that offers data protection for businesses, then Adaptive Security can ensure that confidentiality of your data is maintained at all times.

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