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July 29, 2020
Adaptive Security solutions enhancing the safety of vital information
Making a difference: Adaptive Security’s solutions enhancing the safety of vital information
October 15, 2020
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Safeguarding sectors from unethical access: Let Secure Phones shield & strengthen the network with unique features

Secure phone

Secure phone

In the ever-changing advanced world, several countries are still following the technique of voice communication that is being practiced from over decades. Whenever a person likes to convey a message or information, it can be done through voice communication.

New systems and the invention of latest technologies and modern ways of communication have made lives more comfortable. However, on the other hand, maintaining privacy and safeguarding crucial information from opponents is quite challenging as telecommunication interception has emerged as a new industry. Numerous firms engage in intercepting calls and erupt conflicts relating to communication security.

Telecommunication has led to a quick transfer of information, making it more useful for exchanging confidential information, although telephone operators cannot guarantee the minimum security protocol. There is no in-between encryption in most of the links between switching station, making way for the interceptors to tap into lines and pry on crucial information.

A few months back, amid COVID-19 influenced lockdown period, a tech-savy user had put on sale the records of over 40 million people from online directory of True caller, a smartphone application that features caller-identification and voice by using the internet. The personal data leaked by user offender can be used for various nefarious activities and harm the identity.

With an intent to malign the image or adversely affect the organisations, various groups are working rigorously and looking for loopholes in the digital security. Cases of wiretapping and wireless interception have increased drastically and  are being reported frequently which should be seen as an alarming situation.

To prevent any sort of intrusion or data compromise, Adaptive Security Tech is offering a landline-integrated software for voice communication ‘Secure Phone’ providing safe channels to transfer information. It ensures voice security in the form of multi-level encryption for a telephone call. However, the interface is self-dependent from regular telephone calling.

It is based on the server-client architecture, along with secured IP phones which are connected to the server securely using multi-level cryptographic communication. Adaptive Security Tech’s Secure Phones have strong algorithms attached to the calls, which prevent interception in both the phases. Offering the clients effective solutions to prevent eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery infrastructure, Secure Phones provide a solution to block the secretive sharing of information and other unofficial monitoring by rivals.

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