In the advanced tech-savvy era, individuals look for secure communication and data safety. Security is one of the major concerns for organisations that operate on critical client information. Adaptive Security's Two Mail is a one-stop email solution which works towards averting the chances of data leakage.


SecureCom is a software built to help peers share vital information in the most secure manner. Establishing secure communication between two endpoints, SecureCom is an easy-to-use messaging software. It offers the simplest, most reliable and real-time messaging experience.


A landline-integrated software for voice communication, Secure Phone provides secured channels for transference of information. It ensures voice security in the form of multi-level encryption for a telephone call. The interface is completely independent from the routine based telephone calling.


An electronic communication software-based device, Network Ray provides a highly secured one-way flow of information. It ensures the protection of data by eliminating chances of data leakage through its special network architecture. In the process of data exchange from one source to another, Network Ray acts as a barrier between the two, protecting the data from all kinds of threats.