A landline-integrated software for voice communication, Secure Phone provides secured channels for transference of information. It ensures voice security in the form of multi-level encryption for a telephone call. The interface is completely independent from the routine based telephone calling.


The excessive use of mobile communication and the development of the latest devices with advanced mechanisms has undoubtedly made our world a well-connected place. However, the confidentiality of communication between two and more parties is often put into jeopardy. Telecommunication interception has now become an industry. Several organisations engage in intercepting calls and create conflicts regarding communication security. Cases of wiretapping and wireless interception have increased drastically and thus, made encryption crucial. Mobile phones have led to a quick transfer of information, making them more useful for exchanging confidential information, although telephone operators cannot guarantee the minimum security protocol. There is no in-between encryption in most of the links between switching station, making way for the interceptors to tap into lines and pry on crucial information.


Secure Phones are IP devices that provide a secure pathway for communication with the help of our specially-designed software. They have been developed for safe transference and maintaining the confidentiality of information. Based on the server-client architecture, we serve our clients with secured IP phones which are connected to the server securely using multi-level cryptographic communication. Adaptive Security's Secure Phones have strong algorithms attached to the calls, which prevent interception in both the phases. Offering our clients effective solutions to prevent eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery infrastructure, Secure Phones provide a solution to block the secretive sharing of information and other unofficial monitoring by rivals.