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November 23, 2020
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Network Ray: Ensuring data protection by eliminating chances of data leakage

Network Ray

As per a study by Harvard Business Review, around 80 percent of the corporate activities need collaboration and data sharing with other workers. In today’s business world, digital communication and the tools used are the key to maximizing these interactions.

The modern workplace is transforming and it has increased the need for effectively managing the growing number of remote employees and infinite data sharing.  Using electronic media at work place for sharing confidential information allows employees to share files and collaborate in real time. However, it also raises an alarm of data leakage that could harm businesses revenue and severely affect their operations, putting reputation and clients’ trust at stake.

Many incidents of data compromise can be seen in the headlines quite often. Same scenario happened in the year 2011 when the PlayStation Network was down and Sony was unable to offer services to over 77 million people across the world. After solving the issue, it was found that it happened due to intrusion which led to data leakage of 24 million accounts.

Understanding the significance of data safety, companies need to ensure smooth delivery and high-information security. Many data experts suggest using software-based device. One such device is Network Ray, which is an electronic communication software-based device offering a highly secured one-way flow of information and ensuring the protection of data by eliminating chances of data leakage through its special network architecture.

In the process of data exchange from one source to another, Network Ray acts as a barrier between the two, protecting the data from all kinds of threats.

With plethora of applications being designed for exchanging data, it has become crucial to protect sensitive data through secured networks. Network Ray is a software-based device by Adaptive Security that allows data to pass from one secure network to another without giving it the reverse access to data. The ability of the software to handle data transfers from multiple servers while providing measurable security, helps in simultaneously securing the data of different level security networks without bottlenecking them.

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